How to Choose the Best Antivirus for Gaming

Alex Patel

Oct 18 2023

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Today’s digital world means more and more games are played online and with that comes the increased threat of viruses. So how does one stay safe without missing out on the fun?

Games can be played online through computers, consoles, mobile phones, or on social media sites. Most games use player information, so there are always risks when playing games online.

The good news is that with so many antivirus options available and improved antivirus technology, players can keep those threats at bay without impacting the performance of the game (yes that’s right!). If you get the best antivirus software, you can stay secure while gaming online.

It’s true, antivirus software does have a reputation for slowing down gameplay while it’s running in the background, but that doesn’t mean you should give up on it and turn it off. In fact, you should never turn off your antivirus software and put your personal details or computer itself at risk. There are ways to keep antivirus software running while still enjoying smooth gaming performance.

Always Keep Your Antivirus Running

Playing games without an antivirus product is risky. With advanced viruses out there, ready to cling onto your gaming information, you can pick up a virus without even being online. This can be done even via legitimate sites like Steam, Origin, or Uplay.

What’s more, if you’re a torrent hound who downloads games from pirated sites, then there’s a much higher risk of injected malware. It’s not uncommon for unprotected downloads to take your personal details or your social media accounts and even add a pesky toolbar to your browser.

How to Enjoy Smooth Gaming with Antivirus Software

Sure, antivirus software can have an effect on graphics, loading and the general performance of the game. However, you can get around this and enjoy the full extent of your gameplay without having to put yourself at risk of viruses and other threats.

Most of the trusted and established antivirus software features some kind of ‘gaming mode’ that enables antivirus protection without having a negative impact on the running of the game. This option will maximise the performance and minimise intrusion from other applications. It will also postpone scheduled tasks and minimise the CPU usage to improve the overall game performance.

It does this by keeping all the web scanning and firewall tasks hidden unless there’s a real threat, then it will kick in.

Of course, if you spend a significant amount of your time gaming you’ll want to make sure your antivirus software offers this, so let’s take a look at some of the top antiviruses for gaming.


Norton is the most established security software when it comes to antivirus protection. Norton Antivirus offers gaming security across most devices and implements a gaming mode to ensure a smooth performance. Norton refer to this as ‘Silent Mode’ which is just the same as a gaming mode, keeping the software operating at a low level in the background so you can enjoy safe gaming without compromise.


BitDefender antivirus software has a powerful protection engine that fights against all sorts of malicious threats. This incredibly powerful software has a Game Mode that temporarily modifies protection settings to keep your gaming running at full whack. It also offers some of the best protection across the board.


Another trusted choice is Kaspersky. This software combines security, performance and simplicity to provide an easy and reliable performance. It’s great for gaming too, offering a ‘Use Gaming Profile’ option that optimises the settings of the internet security software to keep the game running smoothly.


This industry-leading antivirus protection offers excellent security against all types of malware and BullGuard also implements a Gaming Mode profile that triggers a customizable firewall that adds a layer of protection to your gaming without slowing it down.

These top antiviruses are fully-featured options that offer full-scale protection against an online world filled with malware and other threats that could prove costly.

It’s worth investing in a good antivirus program to keep your online world and gameplay safe from harm. Protect your digital life today!

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