Keep Your Kids Safe Online With Antivirus Protection

Alex Patel

Jul 19 2017

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Antivirus Software Will Keep your Kids’ Online Adventures Safe!

If you are a parent, your kids’ well-being is at the top of your list of priorities. Well-being is a broad concept, but in 2017 there is one aspect that has to be on any list of factors that have an influence on general well-being: Internet safety. The Internet can be a great place for learning and exploration, but young children can also be exposed to content not suitable for their age. The good news is that you can take measures to make sure you are well-informed and well-prepared to secure your child’s Internet access, and keep your kids are as safe as can be. How? We’ll fill you in!

Kids grow up fast. When I was young, no one had their own cellphone or computer. But today, kids grow up in a world with handheld smartphone, with the world at their fingertips. This is why it’s necessary to take precautions and instruct your kids on how to use these devices in a safe and responsible way. But this is only the first step. You can instruct all you want, but you have to be sure to put up safety measures yourself on your child’s devices. One great way to ensure that your child is accessing the Internet securely, privately, and with the proper age-appropriate restrictions is with antivirus software.

Family Protection is Paramount

In the recent past, Internet security providers launched products for the online protection of children. Those products have largely been re-branded now. Total family protection is what you need nowadays. It doesn’t really matter what they call it, as long as we understand what’s at stake. Let’s go over some scenarios that your kids could run into while getting to know the wonders of the world wide web, and what you can do to prevent those scenarios from happening.

Build a Well-Equipped Tool Set

There is an enormous amount of online content that you don’t want your kids to be exposed to. But how do you block the unwanted content and let the good content through? That is where your antivirus software comes in. McAfee Family Protection, for example, offers the option to block up to 35 categories of “objectionable websites” on top of the filtering of inappropriate content. It also blocks unknown email addresses, gives you the option to set a time limit to your kids’ internet surfing, and send instant notifications in case your kids try to attempt to access inappropriate content. And this is just a small selection of the available tools in McAfee’s child protection software.

Anticipate Your Child’s Behavior

Another provider of virus protection software, Norton, offers an extensive list of tips and rules to handle potential issues that may occur when children start exploring online. Norton mentions education as an ongoing method, suggests the implementation of a set of rules for when kids go online, underlines the importance of a separate computer for the kids. Norton Online Family offers the option to monitor your kids’ behaviour online, because you simply can’t do that by yourself on  a continuous basis. Comparable to McAfee’s toolset, Norton in turn offers a large set of filtering options to make sure children will not be exposed to unwanted content.

Top Virus Protection Providers Offer Top Products

Protecting your children is your first priority, and this is a very dynamic process. That doesn’t make it easier, obviously – but at least you can take comfort in the knowledge that there are very good products available today that assist you in this task. These providers have lengthy experience in dealing with a lot of the less desired online content, viruses, malware, trojan horses, spam, phishing, and more. You can safely assume that these companies are very capable of building a product that keeps your children safe for the most part. But, it doesn’t relieve you of your parenting duties! You will have to be involved. It’s the combination of your involvement, dedication, and the excellent options the software offers that maximizes the chances of successfully protecting your children from many of the dangers lurking online.

Keep Your Kids Safe

Antivirus offers more than peace of mind: antivirus software can make your life a lot easier while your kids are navigating the digital highway. You can focus on your parental duties without having to worry about blocking all kinds of content that is not fit for your kids – the software does that for you. Antivirus software has been tried and tested by millions, in order to be sure that all the dangers out there for your kids are kept at bay. Stay safe!

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