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flag Powerful protection that won't slow your PC
  • Stay protected against the latest threats

  • Win 7 / 8 / XP / Vista

  • Protection from unidentified types of malware

  • Email threat detection & removal

Plans & Pricing

Ad-Aware Total Security is available to users in a 1 or 2 year subscription plan, with prices depending on the amount of computers in question.

1 PC - 1 YEAR
2 PCs - 1 YEAR
3 Pcs - 1 YEAR
5 PCs - 1 YEAR
10 PCs - 1 YEAR
1 PC - 2 YEARS
2 PCs - 2 YEARS
3 Pcs - 2 YEARS
5 PCs - 2 YEARS
10 PCs - 2 YEARS


Founded in 1999, and one of the pioneers in anti-spyware technology, Lavasoft now offers a comprehensive product that combines effective protection against malware, viruses, and spyware in one high-speed program.


  • "Features & Highlights\t"
    8 /10
  • "Fast System Speed"
    7 /10
  • "Easy to Use"
    7 /10
  • "Customer Support"
    6 /10


Continuous Automatic Threat Updates

Viruses and other malicious threats evolve at a very high speed and Ad-Aware takes that into account when protecting your computer and personal information. One of the more important features of Ad-Aware includes automatic threat updates which happen in the background without any intervention required by the user. The updates occur as needed to ensure maximum protection and can even take place multiple times in one day.

Complete Online Protection

Ad-Aware Total Security provides comprehensive protection against identity theft, malicious attacks, and theft of personal information online. This includes:

• Safe browsing – Ad-Aware blocks URLs and websites that are known to contain malware. The list of known “bad” sites is updated every 5-20 minutes to ensure real-time protection against phishing sites and back-door Trojans.
• Social networks – When logging on to social networks, Ad-Aware keeps your login information safe from hackers, automatically scans links posted on social networks and warns you against those that may contain malware.
• Safe online banking and shopping – Ad-Aware provides additional security against cybercriminals interested in stealing credit card information by warning you of dangerous websites and forged security certificates.
• Email protection – Supported on various email clients, Ad-Aware scans files and links in emails and warns against anything that may contain malware, viruses, or other threats in an attachment or the content of the email.

Advanced Protection without Compromising PC Performance

Ad-Aware Total Security combines Lavasoft’s very popular antispyware technology together with their antivirus in one product to provide maximum protection on all fronts. This means using two separate engines at the same time, one constantly updating possible spyware threats, and the other updating virus threats. What makes this product unique, however, is that both engines were optimized and built to work together so that users can enjoy the benefits of both without compromising their PC’s speed. Once Ad-Aware is installed and configured, it runs in the background and protects your computer and personal information without slowing you down at all. You’ll even forget it’s running at all.

Ease of use

Antiviruses are usually intimidating to users without any technical background. Ad-Aware Total Security takes that into account and offers complete protection and comprehensive features in a user-friendly interface that is easy to understand and navigate. The main features, such as Real-Time Protection, Web Protection, and Antivirus Control can easily be controlled by clicking a toggle on/off button. Other more advanced features, such as Parental Control have advanced settings that are easy to understand and require no technical background whatsoever.

Customer support

Lavasoft provides a number of comprehensive support channels for users. This includes 24/7 email support which can be accessed by sending a ticket via the Lavasoft website or directly from the user interface of Ad-Aware Total Security. Additional support is provided in a detailed FAQ in the Support Center of the Lavasoft website, product manuals, and community forums.

  • 24/7 Help & Support
    There is 24/7 email support.
  • FAQ
    There is a FAQ section available.
  • Community Forum
    There is a community forum.

The Final Word

Lavasoft Ad-Aware Total Security does just what the name implies – provides total security on all channels, from social networks and emails to browsers and files on your PC. Once installed, it does all of the work without requiring any technical knowledge or interference from the user.
Visit the Lavasoft website to choose a subscription plan for your security needs.

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