ParetoLogic Internet Security Review

flag Real time protection against cyber attacks
  • Advanced anti-phishing technology

  • Win 7 / 8 / xp / Vista

  • Blocks suspicious files in real-time

  • Advanced firewall that prevents hacker access

Plans & Pricing

ParetoLogic prices change according to the number of licenses you purchase and the time period.

1 license - 6 Months
2 licenses - 1 Year
3 licenses - 1 Year
5 licenses - 1 Year
10 licenses - 1 Year


Founded in 2004 by four software professionals, also brothers, ParetoLogic provides a number of internet and PC security products along with various products aimed at optimizing your computer and backing up your files. The company was established when its founders recognized the two sides of the “internet coin” – everyone uses it all the time for many different purposes and it carries with it endless threats to the users’ security and privacy. The founders of ParetoLogic developed a strong solution that combines a user-friendly interface with sophisticated technology to allow users to continue using their PCs and the internet safely. With its headquarters in Canada, ParetoLogic currently numbers 118 employees and millions of users in over 196 countries worldwide.


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ParetoLogic Internet Security features advanced internet and malware protection capabilities.

Real-Time Protection Against all Forms of Threats

The internet security suite provides effective protection against threats in all forms – viruses, spyware, phishing attacks, keyloggers, Trojans, rootkits, worms, and other forms of malware. This is done using a number of different features and technologies, from thoroughly scanning the computer on a regular basis and continuous auto-updates of the system in order to be able to detect new and emerging threats.

Lockdown Computer

This is a very unique feature that is not found in most antivirus or internet security products. It allows the user to lockdown their computer, essentially blocking all network traffic in the event that the user suspects malware or spyware is transmitting information to and from their PC. This is a great feature that allows you to first stop the threat from doing further damage and then use ParetoLogic to detect and remove the threat before removing the lockdown.

Email Security

ParetoLogic Internet Security has a very effective email protection feature that protects you from phishing scams and any malicious files hidden in your inbox.

Safe Browsing

This feature is called “Web Shield” in the interface. ParetoLogic blocks websites that are known to contain threats. Using the Web Shield interface, you can create your own lists of sites that you want to block at all times, or sites that you wish ParetoLogic to allow, despite possible threats.

Ease of use

The interface of ParetoLogic Internet Security is very simple and easy to understand without requiring any technical knowledge from the users. The most important features are already configured to provide you with maximum protection, including the scans and auto updates, so you can just install it and forget about it. If you’d like to dig into the features further, the main screen has a big “Features” button where you can see all of the features and their settings clearly.

Customer support

ParetoLogic provides 24-hour support via email, sent through their website. They also have extensive information on their support pages, including FAQ.

The Final Word

ParetoLogic is a very easy to use internet security suite and it provides effective protection against all known threats, including rootkits which are usually very difficult to find by nature. The design is very simple, allowing any user with or without technical knowledge to configure the settings per their preferences. The combination of advanced antivirus capabilities, email protection, and safe browsing along with their unique lockdown feature ensures that users can use the internet safely without having to worry about possible threats and vulnerabilities.
Visit the ParetoLogic website to purchase a license for your PC.

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