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Plans & Pricing

Trend Micro Maximum Security 10 now costs $39.95 instead of $89.95 for a one-year subscription and it includes three devices. A two-year subscription now costs $69.95 instead of $139.95 and also includes protection for three devices. An upgraded combination of Maximum Security 10 and Premium Service Plan cost only $59.95 for one year. Premium Service Plan upgrades include virus and spyware removal, security health check service, direct access to a support specialist and more.



The award-winning Maximum Security 10 provides you with all the protection you need against all of the major current threats. It will keep your Windows PC, Mac, iOS and Android devices safe from identity theft, ransomware, malware, spyware, phishing, and against more than 250 million threats every single day. It also has the added bonus of helping your computer run better and faster.

Maximum Security 10 was created by Trend Micro, a company that has been developing antivirus for over 20 years. It may not share the name recognition of its rivals, but with a Best Protection Award from the independent AV-Test labs, Maximum Security 10 has not only proved that it can deliver on its promises, but also that it is better than the competition.


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Trend Micro Maximum Security 10 is easy to install and to use. It will run on both Windows (it’s Windows 10 compatible) and Mac. Though it protects your computer at all the times, it is guaranteed not to slow it down. You can also customize its many features for your own comfort.

Scanning for Viruses and Various Threats

Scheduled scans – You can schedule scans as often as you like and choose between a quick scan and a full scan, or let the scanner decide for itself, your computer will be safe regardless.

Scan preferences – The scanner automatically scans your computer for suspicious files and keeps your files safe from any unauthorized access. It also automatically scans every file you download, save and open. If it’s a zip file you have the option of scanning it again once the file is extracted. It also deletes junk programs, unwanted applications, and suspicious files, and closes infected programs if you accidentally download one.

Protecting Your Private Information

Privacy Scanner – Maximum Security 10 offers social network privacy and web browser privacy protection, so your online movements remain untracked, and your social media accounts are not compromised.

Data Theft Prevention – This feature stops hackers and spyware from stealing sensitive information. It also stops children from sharing such information in emails, and instant messaging apps by requiring a password.

Vault – You can place sensitive or private information in a special folder locked with a password.

Keeping Your Online Life Safe

  • Web Threats – Blocks potentially dangerous sites and prevents web browsers from running malicious scripts on infected websites.
  • Spam and Email files – Filters out advertisements and unwanted emails messages. It also scans attached files for threats.
  • Social Network Protection – Checks links on social media to make sure that they do not lead to risky web pages.
  • Password Manager – Keeps all of your passwords in one secure location.
  • Firewall Booster – Runs alongside Windows Firewall and third-party firewalls as well as running separately. It includes Intrusion Detection System, Generic Stream Scan, Botnet detection, and other exploit detection.

PC Health Checkup

While other antivirus software might slow your computer down, Trend Micro Maximum Security 10 helps to optimize the performance of your computer so it will run faster by fixing extra security vulnerabilities, reducing computer startup time, regaining disk space, and cleaning up privacy data. The result is that your computer should be safer and faster when using Maximum Security 10.

Parental Control

It allows you to limit the software and websites that children can access, monitors their activities and blocks inappropriate images and websites. You can also limit the amount of time each family member can spend online. It’s possible to block entire categories of your choice.

Android and iOS Mobile Devices

Maximum Security 10 will protect your phones from viruses, spyware, dangerous sites, and more. It will also detect fake apps and identity theft on Facebook. Lost device protection will enable you to find a missing device, lock it and even erase the data on it from a web browser. There is also a Longevity feature to enhance battery life for Android phones.

Ease of use

Maximum Security 10 is easy to download and ready to use immediately with default settings already aimed at providing utmost security.

The design of Maximum Security 10 is convenient and simple. The user interface is dominated by a huge scan button. You can choose to run a quick scan, full scan or a customized one. You can also choose protection settings and view a security report by clicking the smaller buttons near the scan button.

The Device tab includes security settings for your computer and internet, PC Health Pack to optimize your computer’s performance and protect other devices by installing Trend Micro Maximum Security 10 on two additional devices. In your Privacy tab, you will find the Privacy Scanner to protect web browsers and social networks, Social Network Protection keeps you safe while surfing your social networks, Data Theft Protection keeps your personal information and sensitive data safe. The Data tab includes Secure Erase, Vault, Password Manager and Cold Storage Scanner. The Family tab includes parental control options.

Customer support

Once you press the “Get Help” button in the user interface, you’ll be transferred to Trend Micro support section. It’s a highly detailed support section which includes features such as common questions and guidance videos. It also includes information and instructions about every small feature in the antivirus divided into categories. You can also ask for support by email, chat online with a technical support engineer, or call for support Monday to Friday during working hours. Premium accounts include 24/7 phone support.

  • 24/7 Help & Support
    Premium accounts have 24/7 phone access.
  • Phone Support
    Phone support is available Monday to Friday during working hours
  • Live Online Chat
    Live chat is availble.
  • Email
    You can email the company for support or answers.
  • FAQ
    This section offers answers to questions users may typically have.
  • Community Forum
    There is a community forum.

The Final Word

Trend Micro Maximum Security 10 is a comprehensive antivirus program that thoroughly protects your computer, Mac, iOS, and Android devices from viruses, ransomware, malware, spyware, identity theft and other threats as they emerge. Once installed, it won’t slow your computer down, but it will help your computer run faster. Maximum Security 10 will keep your computer and online life safe and private at all times.

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